Digital Marketing

  1. Under digital marketing are you looking for the following:
Social Media Management:
Monitoring and participating in conversations across platforms.
Search Engine Optimization:
Gathering data for better insights, to improve business performances
Website management:
Content uploads and annual upgrades


Under branding you may be looking for the following:
  1. Logo
  2. Company profile
  3. Business card design
  4. Email signature
  5. Letterhead design
  6. Vehicle and Office signage

If what you want is not listed here, that does not mean we do not have you ‘Covered’.

Web design & Development

Web design/ development
Under web design/development we have a variety to offer namely the following:
  1. Template or Custom designed website that is tailored for your business.
  2. E-commerce website with advanced SEO
  3. Web hosting, emails and domain registration.

Packages tailored for your business’ needs.

Affiliate Marketing

At Sibiso Marketing we use the friendly people strategy,  which we consider being one of the finer and effective strategies as it is For the People, By the people.

We have assisted in creating a community of affiliate that function better with each and we take on the brand that seeks the service of growing without selling noise. We have over 14 friendly People affiliates, with a combined reach of 220,000 people.

We are your marketing people.

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